About Us

The Axowind vertical axis wind turbine was designed developed in Sydney, Australia by mechanical and aeronautical engineers.

It’s unique shape is based on aerodynamic and structural principles to maximise power and minimise noise.

Vertical axis wind turbines are inherently low noise.  Noise is generated by tip speed.  The large blade area at maximum diameter generates high torque at a lower speed than conventional horizontal axis wind turbines.

A problem with many vertical axis wind turbines is that they are very inefficient compared to horizontal axis designs.  The Axowind design is highly optimised with minimal structural drag and an efficient blade design. The unique aerodynamic design can only be achieved with the use of carbon fibre composite construction.

The Axowind vertical Axis wind turbine is mechanically simple compared to other wind turbines. The direct drive generator has been custom designed and optimised to match the blade performance.

To prove the technology a half scale prototype was developed and tested on the back of a UTE!
This UTE was driven along a private airfield hundreds of times at varying speeds to record aerodynamic and structural data. This unique test method allowed rapid design development and adjustment to thoroughly test and optimise the design.