What is wind power?

What is Wind Power ?

Wind energy is used to generate electricity.   A higher average wind speed means more power.  Not all locations are suitable for wind turbines. Contact us to find out if your site is suitable.

Our turbines need a minimum average wind speed of 5.5 m/s to be effective.    Wind energy is proportional to the “cube” of the wind speed.  This means double the wind speed generates 8 times the power.  This is why site selection is so important and small differences in average speed can have a significant effect on power generated.  In the right location our wind turbine will generate over 70 kWh per day.

Wind Turbine Size

The Axowind 10 kW wind turbine is large at 6.8 meters in diameter with a 6.8 meter vertical blade height. The wind turbine swept area determines how much power it can collect from the air moving through the wind turbine.   Small, inefficient turbines cannot make much power.  The science behind this is described in “Betz Law”.

The tower height is 17 meters to the centre of the turbine. Short towers are a false economy. Wind speed is much lower close to the ground. Ground turbulence from trees and buildings can also have an effect. Taller towers put the wind turbine in faster and “cleaner” air.

How much power will I make ?

Our Axowind energy calculator can predict how much power the wind turbine will make. If you know your average wind speed you can move the sliders and see how much you can generate. You can also see the effect of changing other settings and the effect on power generated. Wind data can be found from local wind maps or known local meteorological data. For some locations we may need to measure wind speed over several months to be sure of average speeds. Contact us to find out more.