Wind Turbine By Axowind

The Australian made 10kW vertical axis wind turbine with Variable Pitch Mechanism is made in Sydney NSW. On Grid / off Grid, remote location, distant communities, small islands, home, farm or business.
High commercial buildings Low Noise. Clean renewable wind energy. Freedom from rising energy costs. Please contact us for more information

Special Features

  • Australian made in Sydney, NSW.
  • Unique design for low noise and high efficiency.
  • 10 kW maximum wind turbine power at 11 m/s wind speed.
  • Power remains a constant 10 kW at wind speeds above 11m/s.
  • Low cut in wind speed at 4m/s generating useful power.
  • Direct drive generator for reliability and low maintenance.
  • Durable carbon fibre construction.
  • Passive aerodynamic speed control
  • Constant RPM in high wind conditions.
  • Fail-safe generator braking, disk brake and vibration monitoring.
  • Hydraulic tower for easy inspection and maintenance.